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DJ Tore Roc 
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Richard Bright, "DJ Tore Roc" found his love for music at a young age, then as the years passed he developed passion for entertainment. With 19 yrs of experience of being a DJ, he's also a businessman & the true definition of a entertainer. Hosting a vast line of major to small events in the DMV to the ATL. "DJ Tore Roc is also the founder of Toss Ent Radio on live 365. Where you can catch him hosting a show called "The Roco Drama Experince" Monday-Friday 12-2 PM

Founder, CEO
Kay Money

Kevin Harries, "DJ Kay Money" is a Baltimore native. He has 14 yrs. of experience in being a DJ. He has been hosting events as well for 5 yrs. He's expertise range from mixing all kinds of genres of music. He's the NEXT BIG THING!!!

Music Director / DJ / Host

Shanikia "Neek Neek"


Shanikia Johnson was born and raised in Baltimore city.

Shanika’s love for music started at a young age when she heard her first club song on the radio.

Shanikia has now became head of Promotions and Public Relations for Toss Entertainment .

Her love for music and her community is very well shown when she reports the latest info

and updates on the website.

Promotions/ Public Relations

Gregory "G"

"G" has been TOSS ENT's COO for 8 yrs. strong & counting. He wears many hats in our company. With the expertise in marketing, public relations, recruitment and security. 

Dante M.

Dante has years of experience in modeling & wedding photography. He has a knack for finding something of beauty in everything that gets in front of the lens. He's been given many talents! Another is the right coaching along the way when he's doing your shoot. He teachs you the basic skillset to workout your limitations & gives the best advice in your sessions with him for you to be comfortable to have the outcome to create something great.

 Director of Media
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