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Toss Entertainment is a team of professionals located in Baltimore, MD, featuring some of the best some entertainers in the city. Music & Entertainment is our passion, and we focus on making a big sound in an intimate setting.
  • We offer the minimum of 2 djs & a host per event. We work with the latest technology & can provide any era of music requested per contract. The number of DJ's per contract depends on the request of the client & packaging negotiated, as well the availability of our highly requested DJ's & host schedules.  


  • We offer custom mixing and mastering once songs are recieved. We add custom drops & other hype material needed to enhance the branding and sound of the artist's material. 

  • Our professional eye candy models are available for commericial photoshoots, video shoots, events, flyers and cd covers. Prices varies per contract. 

  • We provide professional on location or in studio photoshoots. For any occasion, event or idea you might have through your expression of imagery needed. We also do professional retouching to images which varies depending on the number of retouched photos requested.  


  • Our promotional packages include flyers designed and printed. Your service will be promoted on our site & by our TOSS ENT Street Team. As well we will include other marketing traffic to your brand through social networks & other branding strategies that will be best for your service. 

  • We provide some of the finest adult entertainers in the DMV. That are experienced in providing your ultimate exotic entertainment experience.


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