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Yungblud says fans have helped redefine every emotion he's experienced

Yungblud's fans have helped to redefine "every emotion and feeling" he's ever experienced.

The 23-year-old star feels a very strong connection to his fans and he's admitted that their influence has helped to change his outlook.

He shared: "My fanbase have redefined every emotion and feeling I’ve ever felt.

"To belong somewhere is to figure out that you have lungs and now how to breathe. I’ve met every kind of kid from every continent and every shape, size, color, sexuality, point of view and they’ve impacted me so heavily - I belong to a community that allows people to be who they are."

The singer released his debut album, '21st Century Liability', back in 2018, but he feels he's evolved over the last couple of years.

He told NME: "I don’t have to hide behind an insecure anger like there was on my first album, '21st Century Liability'.

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