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When the IRS could send the new stimulus check, now that the Senate passed the bill

The timeline for your $1,400 stimulus check to arrive hinges on more than just when the stimulus bill will become law. Here's everything that could affect the arrival of your payment.The third stimulus check gained real momentum on Saturday after the Senate passed the COVID-19 relief stimulus bill. It's now back to the House for a final vote as soon as Tuesday, House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer said in a statement, where it's projected to pass along partisan lines. That means the bill is on track to be signed into law by March 14, setting the IRS and Treasury into motion to send the new $1,400 payments... in the middle of tax season.

The date the bill is passed and the IRS' hectic schedule are factors that could determine when a new stimulus check lands in your hands. There's also the question of which stimulus payment priority group you're in -- and despite your best efforts, you may not get a choice if your check arrives in the first wave or one of the last. Some people may also find they have to wait months to receive all their stimulus money, if any problems arise, including from the 2019/2020 tax confusion

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