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Person Claims To Be Kelly Rowland And Beyoncé To Ask Fan For Money

The internet is filled with people trying to scam you out of money. That's nothing new.

But one crafty con artist recently claimed to be Kelly Rowland and Beyoncé to get some money out of a fan.Sounds bizarre? You're not kidding. Basically, a Twitter user named Chris recently posted that he'd been contacted via DM by a mystery account - which had no followers and didn't appear to be following anybody else - on Instagram. Claiming to be 'Kelly from Destiny's Child', the sender claimed to have lost 'her' credit card and asked for some money so 'she' could fly into Chris' city for a concert - adding that 'she' would bring Beyoncé along for the ride.The message from 'iam.kellyrowland' read: "Hey this is Kelly from Destiny's Child, I lost my credit card and I need money for a plain ticket so I can fly to your city to perform. Can you send me some money? I'll bring Beyoncé."If things weren't weird enough, this was then quickly followed up by another message, which read: "Hello this is Beyoncé."Luckily, Chris didn't fall for the message. Posting a screenshot of it to his Twitter account, he just wrote: "HELP???"

As I said earlier, the internet is awash with crooks trying every angle to get your money. Sadly, however, not everyone is as savvy as Chris.

Recently a woman was 'scammed out of $100,000' after falling in love with a fake Bruno Mars account.

Chinwendu Azuonwu, of Houston, Texas, was charged with third-degree felony money laundering after it was alleged that he posed as the musician online.

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