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"I HAVE COVID!!!!": Shemar Moore, "S.W.A.T." star, says he has tested positive for the coronavirus

Shemar Moore, known for playing the lead character Hondo in CBS' "S.W.A.T." drama, revealed in an Instagram postlate Wednesday that he "just found out moments ago" he tested positive for the coronavirus. He joins a growing list of A-list celebrities who have contracted the disease."I thought I had food poisoning... chills and aches all day today... still can smell, taste, no cough, no runny nose ... I feel fine now," the 50-year-old actor wrote. "I have to accept test results... I feel fine now... but I have to be responsible!!!!" he added. "My Xmas n New Years is clearly not gonna be the best... my last year and a half has not been the best... but I WILL BE OKAY!!!!"He ended his Instagram post by writing, "I BELIEVE in the sun shining through the rain!!! Stay safe and appreciate everything and everybody you have and had!!" He then added the hashtag #wearamask

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