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Halle Bailey defends sister, Chloe, after Mathew Knowles’ Beyoncé remarks

The former music manager has slammed comparisons between the singer and his famous daughterActress and singer Halle Bailey has come to her sister’s defense after Chloe Bailey was dragged byMathew Knowles, the father and former manager of Beyonce.“How amazing is it that @ChloeBailey is already an icon,” Halle wrote on Friday.She followed the message with tweets saying, “Just popped in to say that ..,” and later, “i ride for my sister till the enddd okayyyy.”The last post garnered more than 36,000 retweets on the platform.Her remarks are in response to the shade the senior Knowles hurled at Chloe last week during an interview with radio personality Leah A. Henry for Leah’s Lemonade. When Henry told him that fans constantly compare Chloe to a younger Bey, Knowles, who managed Destiny’s Child, called it “insulting,” Ace Showbiz reports.“Do you see the comparison? Like the same thing that you saw in young Beyoncé, do you see that in Chloe Bailey?” she asked.You’ve got to be kidding me, right? You’re asking me that question?” replied Knowles. “Are you actually serious that you are comparing that young lady to Beyoncé?”

Henry then clarified that fans want Chloe to play Beyoncé in a biopic about her life.

“Okay, you’re talking about if somebody was doing a movie, not talent-wise,” Knowles replied. “Talent-wise? Are you telling me talent-wise, somebody is an idiot enough to compare her to Beyoncé, talent-wise?”

Beyonce signed Chloe x Halle to her Parkwood record label five years ago. The sisters have since received four Grammy nominations, and Halle is gearing up to play Ariel in Disney’s The Little Mermaid live-action remake.When Henry explained that music fans think Chloe is “like a young Beyoncé in the making,” Knowles fired back, “I’m asking you a yes or no question. Are you telling me someone’s an idiot enough to compare her to Beyoncé, talent-wise?” He added, “Are there people saying her talent is equal to Beyoncé? They’re an idiot. Period.”

He went on to note that the comparison is “actually insulting to Beyoncé.”

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