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Guys, Cardi B just made founding father low ponytails cool

Our queen Cardi B is such a don at this point that no matter what aesthetic she opts for - from beehives to pearly braids and beyond, she not only carries it off - she smashes it out of the park.Important context: Cardi's latest flex was to head out shopping in a literally see-through dress. And who can blame her? There's literally nothing to do right now. The highlight of my fortnight is making a grocery list and going to do a big shop at the supermarket dressed like The Main Character. More power to her, I'd say.

But what you may not have noticed first time was the hairstyle she chose for the occasion. That's right, she's wearing a low ponytail. And not the type of low pony secured tightly at the nape of the neck, Hadid-style. It's a full blown, loose-as-heck, founding fathers-esque treat, worn with the boldness that only someone as brilliant as Cardi B can summon.

Disclaimer: the most likely explanation here is that she pulled her flowing lengths into a ponytail band to help ensure onlookers (and cameras) got the full effect of her statement dress... ...That in mind, it's highly unlikely that she, say, watched Hamilton, saw the subsequent memes about sporting founding fathers' hairstyles while on lockdown, and created a Pinterest board for her next styling session, to free us all from the pain of unshakeable feeling like our own ponytails are substandard...But, a girl can dream, right?

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