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Fantasia Barrino Opens Up About Past Fertility Struggles Before Her Pregnancy

During that time, Barrino says she sought help from a doctor, who initially informed her that one of her fallopian tubes had closed. After she was told was told "now that one is open, the other one is closed," Barrino says the couple decided to take a break and "let God be God." "I kid you not, I forgot about it," the singer tells host Taylor Hall "And then I woke up one night, and I was just like, 'Something's different.'Barrino says she took a total of six pregnancy tests and threw one of them at Taylor when the results came back positive.

"I was so excited," she gushes.

Though Taylor acknowledges that "everybody's journey is different" when it comes to conceiving, he remembers having a gut feeling it was "gonna happen naturally" for the couple.

"When she threw [the test] at me, I was like, 'Yo, you playing? Are you serious?' " Taylor recalls. "And from that point, it just increased our faith even

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