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Ciara Does Her Hardest Cardio Right Before Bedtime

The celebrity fragrance market is a crowded place, but a celebrity supercouple is trying to cut through the noise together. Grammy-winning musician Ciara, 35, has joined the famous fray with the launch of R&C The Fragrance Duo, a pair of eaux de parfum she created with her husband, Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson. His R scent is a woodsy bergamot and musk blend, while Ciara’s C is a warm floral with a sandalwood and vanilla finish. “I wanted my fragrance to embody that fresh feeling when you walk out of the shower and have a sexy essence that is long-lasting,” explains the singer-songwriter. “I was actually named after a fragrance, called Ciara by Revlon, that my dad gifted to my mom when she was pregnant with me,” she says.

In addition to her musical career, Ciara has been the host of Level Up Radio on Apple Music since August. Together, she and Wilson run the Why Not You Foundation, a nonprofit focused on promoting children’s health and education, as well as fighting poverty. And through their foundation, they are building a charter school in Seattle, the city where, during football season at least, they’re raising three kids together.

Here, a few of Ciara’s bedtime rules and rituals.

“My three musts are a foam face wash, moisturizer and an eye cream.”

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