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August Alsina reveals why he broke his silence about Jada Pinkett Smith relationship

Jada, 48, confessed to the affair with August, 27, as she sat across from her husband Will, 51, on her Facebook Watch series Red Table Talk in July Will which probed Jada into admitting that it was a full-blown relationship, rather than an entanglement' as she tried to describe it. However, August has claimed that his relationship with the super couple 'isn't broken' saying 'there's a lot of love there' in a new interview The singer says he came forward with the claims because it had started to affect his 'business relationships' in the music industry 

August also spoke about becoming the legal guardian of his three nieces after his brother Melvin was shot dead in 2010, and their mother Chandra died of cancer in 2018 on Christmas Day

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