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Celebrating the Life of Our Beloved Club Queen DJ K-Swift

There are so many days when we wish that we could just hear your laugh one more time or to see you get a party lit. But we know that you are in a better place and that we will see you again one day.

But in the mean time continue to watch over us in this crazy world. Your legacy will never be forgotten we will continue what you started. When ever there is a party or a studio session and a club song come on your name will always be uttered on the mic.

A Letter from your Baltimore Fan Club

Dear Baltimore Club Queen,

We miss the parties that you use to have. We miss hearing your voice on 92Q. But you can still hear one of your club songs echo on our speakers when we have a party. Your loving spirit will never be forgotten you will always be the one and only Baltimore Club Queen.

A true Angel Gone But Not Forgotten

Khia K-Swift Edgerton


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